In the narrowest part of Mexico, between the Gulf of Mexico and the Pacific Ocean, lies the Isthmus of Tehuantepec, a sun baked region, which has been the home of the Zapotec people for millennia.


A distinctive part of Zapotec culture are the muxhes, a richly diverse group that defy categorization. All muxhes are born male, however many muxhes identify as women, or both man and woman. This film explores the complexities and the plurality of muxhe identity in 21st century Mexico, and the acceptance of muxhes by the wider community of Juchitán, even the local Catholic church.


In this film we visit Juchitán, to meet some members of Las Intrépidas, a group of muxhes who for over 40 years have acted as fearless sexual diversity pioneers.


We join them as they prepare for their annual celebrations; a high point of which is the Intrépidas Vela, or dance. This HUGE party, featuring a muxhe catwalk and the crowning of a Queen muxhe, is an inclusive event, which is a cultural highlight for the whole community.


There is men, there is women and then there is muxhe.


Felina Santiago, Muxhe Activist