Beth Sua is an enigmatic and charismatic muxhe that combines her work as an artisan and as sex worker with her social work and human rights activism.


She is a talented artisan who paints and is skilled at traditional Zapotec embroidery and is dedicated to her activist work.


Many people risk dangerous conditions on the treacherous journey from Central America (heading for the USA) on top of the train they call ‘the beast’. Many people suffering from exhaustion get off the train in Beth’s home town.

Ten years ago Beth helped found a migrant help centre, here, Beth and other volunteers give food and shelter to migrants from Central America and provide them with therapeutic theatre workshops, sexual health education, and information on their human rights. 


The captivating and spiritual Beth Sua is a devotee of Santa Muerte, The Holy Death – a female folk saint that is a personification of death. Santa Muerte is associated with healing, protection, and the safe delivery to the afterlife is frequently venerated by traditional ‘outsiders’ of society and is seen as protector of gay, bisexual and transgender communities in Mexico.


Beth is a longstanding and well loved member of Las Intrepidas and has been very involved in their AIDS prevention work.