The film focuses on four key members of the muxhe group named Las Intrepidas, which is famous in the region for its annual party. Through our four main characters Felina, Peregrina, Mayte and Beth, and other residents of Juchitan, the documentary enquires what is it to be a muxhe in the 21st century. The muxhes reveal the complexities and of gender identity and specific to the muxhes of Juchitan.


The muxhe annual party and beauty pageant as a ‘journey story’ will provide a narrative thread of the film – weaving the stories together and leading to a celebratory climax.


This documentary, with an underlying theme of the celebration of diversity, will provide insight into the complexities of the Zapotec transgender tradition. Normative notions of binary opposites in gender and sexuality are challenged – leaving the viewer to reflect on their own received views on gender and sexuality.

The film is a vivid portrait of this unique community – bringing the viewer into the world of the muxhes – thus celebrating humankind’s diversity.




Director, Producer : Ruth Cook
Co-producer : Juan Leon


Camera : Claire Buxton, Ruth Cook

Sound Recordist : Juliano Lueders