Peregrina, at 21, is the youngest of our characters. Behind her bold and provocative exterior she is a quiet and thoughtful individual, with a sense of fun.


Peregrina uses her natural creativity through earning her living making decorations for parties, weddings and other events. She is widely known in Juchitan because of her work. She is the youngest member of the Intrepidas group, the most famous muxhe group, that puts on the annual Las Intrepidas party. Here she takes part in the spectacular annual muxhe catwalk at the vela. Peregrina loves to dress up – she creates elaborate outfits and make up for each of her ‘looks’.


Peregrina is representitive of the younger generation of muxhes increasing interest in body modifications. Peregrina has a gallon of oil injected into her posterior. Such unmonitored and experimental practices of body modification/ augmentation can lead to serious, even fatal, health complications.


Peregrina and her friends reveal how life and views have changed for the younger generations of muxhes.